Agglomeration- UET Technofest’12

Think, Create, Stand Out... RISE

UET is near to completing a century after 5-6 years. Making it more glorious now the old trends are changing and UET has advanced itself for the last 95 years. Technofest’12 is one of the projects that first engineers introduced in 2011, now following the legacy this year 5 majors components of UET i.e. 4 societies and one Department is all set to rock students with creativity and fun.

TechnoFest’12 is A Joint Venture by IET, IEEE, ASME, ACM & IB&M under the umbrella of Al Khwarizmi Institute of Computer Sciences

Following this league, TechnoFest’12 has about 40 competitions in Line, One of the Non-Technical and business competitions is Agglomeration, It consists of 4 exciting rounds that would turn you delights with creativity in 3 days

Round-1 Make or Break:

Round one will be Make Or Break (sales war) in which all teams are given a particular product (may or may not be same) for which they have to develop complete business plan of its launching, a complete marketing strategy and ad for the given product (Ads are not compulsory but suggested) .

Round-2 Next Big Thing: 

Followed by the round one comes Next Big Thing. In this round the participants would be required to bring a supplementary product or a product which is closely associated to the original product given to them. Again they will develop complete business plan of its launching, a complete marketing strategy and ad for the supplement product. Then they have to give a presentation that how they sell their product.

Round-3 Ride the Tides:

This round consists of two parts. The First part will be to judge the teams on the basis of their cognitive skills, in which the teams will be given critical and complex situation by the panel regarding their over all business plan they made in previous round. In short bombardment of worst situations will be thrown on each team one after other by the panel to check their stability and behavior towards crisis management. The second part would be a SANS MEDIA in which the teams have to build their overall promotional strategy (marketing and selling strategy) with the assumption that there is no concept of electronic media. In short they have to build a proper competitive strategy to sell their product in the absence of media.

A case study on crisis management can also be considered in this round.

Round-4 Serve the Soul

 Last round will be social entrepreneurs round in which all the teams have to plan a complete strategy for any campaign, product or service developed for the welfare of the society in order to create a soft image of the business firms in the mind of the general public. The ultimate objective would be measure in non-profit terms.

You can check out the Official Page for further details and other Technical and Non-Technical Competition. In case of a query, Contact me and AsjadAhmad for further Details


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