My Special Day

Birthday is some what a special day for every one, We really don’t feel excess of happiness in other usual days may it be a day for promotion at work, an excellent result being a student or a family gathering.

My This Birthday was Special in Every Way, I Must add that I never had a Birthday This much Enjoyable and felt never so blessed But today because of 2  reasons.

Firstly It was the Haj day on 5th Nov, My Birthday came on a sacred day, I was more than Happy, I saw Khutba-e- Haj Live on TV and It was immense pleasure and feeling of contentedness. This day meant to me that All my wishes would be granted today so I had to Ask Allah Almighty With great care, I had a fear inside me, What If I asked Something that is not meant for me But A believe that Allah Almighty will set up all; makes me Strong and confident every moment. He  has granted me everything till now, A loving family  and sincerest friends in whole wide world

Friends are one of the most valuable things in this planet, I removed the Birthday Notification from My Facebook account to check how Many can “Remember and Wish” me Just-In-Time, The plan did work put well, Only 12 friends out of 100’s wished me at 12 am, But they are the ones I treasure, Not because they wished me on Time but because they’ve always been with me in my thick and thins, A Special thanks to all of them

So now Comes The second Reason of My Happiness today, I was told That we were going out at 3pm, But a change of order was sensed by me *smile*, It was a surprise party for me at Fatima’s home and every one in my gang turned out to be there, They wished me with a scream in a Dark room, and to be honest I fell down at that and trembled ever after I had cut the cake *laughs*

All My 8 University friends were there and they had brought a delicious Fresh Cream Cake, Yummy Chicken Cheese Pattis, Mouth Watering Pizza, World best Chicken & potato Cutlets made by Fatima’s Mum, Chilled Coke and heavenly Chowmin, Not to Forget some delightful faces were waiting for me

We played Ludo and Dark room after the party and took loads of photos; which obviously are the best part of any party *memories*

So In Short it were 6 hours of Extreme Joy for me, I can no one have had a birthday with this much fun and sacred part, Yes I will remember this one all my Life, No one has sincerest friends Like I have and no one has a blessed life as that of mine


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  1. * Yousuf Rafi says:

    oppppssss sorrry was out out FB because of heavy season….. looks like you enjoyed a lot…. kool!!! anyways sending lots of love and blessings buddy!! :)) yup birthday is surely a special day in which we feel on top of this world…. hahahaha…. wasay FB wali technique achi hai zabardasst agli dafa mei bhi try karta hon phir pata chalayga kon kitnay pani mei hai :p

    | Reply Posted 6 years, 6 months ago

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